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    Many of my friends are professional musicians, just like my saxophonist grandfather. It’s a tough life. For all but the top few, it means barely scraping by, in exchange for opportunities to do what they really love – opportunities that are diminishing year by year. Musicians inhabit the same world we do, however, and that […]

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    Using latest technologies it can be performed in the live work environment. Within a single image, there are a lot of objects inside it, a good model can easily identify each object by extracting key visual features from an image. Different application area of object detection is Facial Biometrics, Motion Detector, Object Recognition and Text […]

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  • How Crypto Lender Celsius Stumbled On Risky Bank

    How Crypto Lender Celsius Stumbled On Risky Bank

    To initiate a transaction, you may be asked for a username or password. You might then be asked to enter an authentication code that was sent to your cell phone via text. Consider which cryptocurrencies are available, the fees they charge, security features, storage options, withdrawal options, as well as any educational resources. Learn more about cryptos and […]

  • The science behind getting high

    The science behind getting high

    Cover the bowl with your finger if it has a carb. Then, inhale. To “clear” your bowl, you will need to lift your finger from the carb and inhale the smoke into the lungs. It is important not to pack the bowl tightly as it may make it difficult to take a hit. A pipe consists of a […]

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  • Introduction To Vulnerability Management Tools

    Introduction To Vulnerability Management Tools

    Automate patching of the applications that pose the highest risk to the environment, and also applications that aren’t essential to mission. Utilizing the same software to identify the vulnerability, prioritize it and then fix it vulnerability will reduce the manual work required , and allows both IT as well as security team to concentrate on the […]